Mo to Tehranink

Tehranink , Ink of Tehran by Mo from 2007

Mo is a professional tattoo artist from Tehran, Iran. he started his tattoo journey from far east at 2005 when he interested to a tattoo master's art in his first travel to china that made Mo came back again to china one year later just for learning tattoo . He learnt basic tattoo techniques from that Chinese master "joe" and returned to his country.
He strated tattoo as his proffesional job in a tattoo shop at Istanbul ,Turkey in 2010. Working in a proffesional tattoo enviroinment made Mo more expert in tattoo.
In 2011 Mo returned to his hometown again to create a healthy and proffessional tattoo parlor.
During all these years Mo introduced his tattoo performances under Tehranink title , Mo have performed thousands tattoos till today.

You can find Mo tattoos on this website and if you are interested to get a tattoo in Tehranink you can contact us

Beauty is only skin deep

Time is runnig out and everything have hange.
Tattoo is a sea, some people enjoy swiming, some people drown! some people enjoy watching and some people justify!

Mo say ...